Our philosophy

KRONE is committed to innovation, excellence and social responsibility


KRONE safeguards. As a familyowned business, KRONE provides secure and attractive employment for its workforce. Flat hierarchies allow fast decision-making.

KRONE recruits. For example, we fund various long-term programmes in schools and universities designed to identify and attract talented and wellqualified young people to work with us.

KRONE builds. The company is built on the motivation, honesty and loyalty of employees to the company and to its goals and objectives.

KRONE listens. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We achieve this with innovative and high quality products that are continuously being developed to meet customer requirements.

KRONE respects. Each employee is treated as an individual and is entitled to expect recognition for services rendered. As a socially responsible employer, KRONE integrates people with disabilities.

KRONE trains. We offer a wide range of training courses that enable our customers to correctly operate our innovative machines and technology.

KRONE applies tolerance. The importance of cultural diversity is firmly anchored in the KRONE corporate culture.

KRONE believes in service. We see ourselves as a service provider and support our customers in overcoming all the challenges they face.

KRONE educates. This involves inhouse training, work-study degrees and/or further education. In this way, we ensure that the skills of our employees are maintained, enhanced and adapted to changing demands.

The environment

KRONE protects. We pursue a responsible approach towards the environment. Environmental conservation and resource efficiency matter greatly to us. In the course of our research, we focus on sustainable, environmentally friendly technologies.

  • Camless pick-up for very quiet running and hard wearing
  • Tines in W-arrangement for optimum crop flow
  • Wide and large-diameter rotor for high intake rates
  • Central blade group control system for 0, 16, 16, 32 blades
  • Sloping floor enhances crop feed efficiencies
  • Articulated drawbar for high ground clearance
  • Drawbar suspension for comfortable rides
  • Sprung or unsprung tandem axles with hydraulic levelling system
  • ISOBUS compatible


KRONE relies on. expert suppliers and their expertise because:

  • The combined efforts of multiple specialists work to the immense benefit of the customer.
  • Business partners can pool their values and strengths, share ideas and complement each other.
  • Working in partnership provides economies of scale for both parties, e.g. in quality, price, availability, service response.

KRONE accepts. Only suppliers who treat their employees with respect and who reject child labour and lack of social responsibility.


KRONE invests. As a family-run business, KRONE is firmly rooted in the Emsland region. The company headquarters is and will remain in Spelle.

KRONE plans. We secure long-term business success and sustainable profitable growth by means of far-sighted thinking and action, thereby securing existing jobs.

KRONE assists. As one of the largest local employers, we support many projects undertaken by clubs, schools, universities and public bodies.

KRONE does its sums. Despite all the turmoil in financial and commodity markets, KRONE has been one of the most financially sound companies in the region for many years now. This is thanks to our high equity ratio and having the full backing of the Krone family.

KRONE is expanding. As a global company, we analyse the market potential for growth in international markets and seek to enter and expand in them.