Round balers

Round balers

In the world of agricultural machinery, Krone UK stands out as a beacon of innovation and quality. Among their extensive product range, the round balers have become a staple for farmers across the UK, ensuring high-density bales that preserve the quality of forage.


The Role of Round Balers

Round balers are essential tools in the hay making process. Their primary function is to compress forage, such as hay or straw, into compact, high-density bales that are easy to handle, transport, and store. The efficiency of a baler can significantly impact the quality of the bale produced, and Krone UK's round balers are designed to deliver top-notch results every time.

Diverse Models for Varied Needs

Krone UK offers a variety of round baler models, each tailored to meet specific farming needs. From fixed bale chambers like the Bellima to the versatile Comprima, which offers fixed, semi-variable, or variable bale chamber options, and even the specialist for dry crops, VariPack, Krone UK ensures that there's a baler for every requirement.

Innovative Features for Optimal Results

One of the standout features of these balers is the rotor feeder. This component ensures consistent and even feeding of the forage into the baler, resulting in uniformly shaped bales. The drop floor feature is another innovation that allows for easy access and control, ensuring that blockages can be quickly cleared without the need for manual intervention.

Quality is at the heart of Krone UK's design philosophy. Every component, from the tines that pick up the forage to the control systems that allow for precise bale density settings, is designed to ensure that the bales produced are of the highest quality. This commitment to quality ensures that the forage remains in optimal condition, whether it's stored for long periods or used immediately.

When it comes to creating high-density bales efficiently and reliably, Krone UK's round balers are the gold standard. Their range of balers, combined with innovative features like the rotor feeder and drop floor, ensures that farmers can produce the best bales with minimal effort.


1. What are round balers?

Round balers are agricultural machines designed to compress forage, such as hay, straw, or silage, into round, compact bales. These bales are easier to transport, store, and handle compared to loose forage.

2. What are the advantages of a round baler?

Round balers offer several advantages, including efficient bale production, versatility in bale size (especially with variable chamber balers), ease of transport and storage of bales, and preservation of forage quality.

3. What's the difference between a fixed chamber round baler, semi-variable chamber round baler, and a fully variable chamber round baler?

  • Fixed Chamber: Produces bales of a consistent size and shape. The chamber's dimensions remain constant.
  • Semi-Variable Chamber: Allows for some variation in bale size but within a specific range.
  • Fully Variable Chamber: Offers the most flexibility, allowing the user to produce bales of various sizes based on their requirements.

4. What is the easiest round baler to use?

The ease of use often depends on the specific needs of the farmer and the features of the baler. However, models with intuitive control systems and features like drop floor for easy blockage clearance are generally considered easier to use.

5. What is the minimum horsepower to run a round baler?

The required horsepower varies based on the baler's size and design. Typically, smaller round balers might require a tractor with 40-50 horsepower, while larger, more advanced balers might need 70 horsepower or more.

6. What is the best round baler for dry hay?

Balers designed specifically for dry crops, like Krone UK's VariPack and VariPack Plus, are ideal for baling dry hay as they ensure optimal compression and preservation of the hay's quality.

7. Are round bales cost-effective?

Yes, round bales are cost-effective as they optimise storage and transport costs. Their compact shape reduces wastage and ensures longer preservation of forage quality.

8. What's the advantage of having a round baler with a bale wrapper combination?

A baler-wrapper combination allows for immediate wrapping of bales, which is essential for silage production. This ensures that the forage is sealed quickly, initiating the fermentation process and preserving the nutritional value of the forage.


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