ActiveMow R

Rear-mounted disc mounters (Side-mounted)


Disc mowers

  • Side-mounted mowers offering huge up/down travel
  • Coil springs optimising the ground pressure and adjusting without tools
  • Pto-shaft driveline for frictional connections
  • Robust and fully welded cutterbar without inner shoe
  • Quick-change blades
  • SafeCut: Individually protected discs
  • SmartCut: Stripeless cuts thanks to optimum blade overlaps
  • Compact in transport as the mower inclines to the middle of the tractor for optimum weight distribution and visibility
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in Austria

KRONE ActiveMow

In Austria we tested the new ActiveMow extensively, shot a video and brought back a nice story.

Product features

KRONE disc mowers
  • Robust and fully welded cutterbar without inner shoe
  • SmartCut: Stripeless swath thanks to optimum blade overlaps
  • Quick-change blades: Standard
  • SafeCut: Impact protection for each individual disc
  • Side-mounted mowers offering huge up/down travel
  • Frictional drive via universal shafts and gearboxes
  • Optimum ground pressure via tension springs adjustable without tools
  • Compact in transport as the mower unit inclines to the middle of the tractor for optimum weight distribution and visibility

Mowing like a professional – the ­KRONE ActiveMow makes it possible at last. Perfect cutting quality ensures premium-quality forage, easy handling combined with compact and robust design guarantee maximum comfort and a long service life. The ­KRONE ActiveMow mower is the guarantor for successful forage harvesting.

The KRONE cutterbar
  • Fully welded: Robust, sealed and permanently lubricated
  • Long-lasting satellite drive with massive spur gears: quiet running and top efficiency
  • No inner shoe for trouble-free cutting

The enclosed and fully welded cutterbar meets the highest quality standards and operates dependably and leak-free over many years of hard work. Massive and oil-immersed spur gears impress by very quiet and reliable running in sustained peak-load operation.

KRONE SmartCut
  • SmartCut for stripeless cuts
  • The wedge-shaped cutterbar guarantees clean cuts
  • Heavy-duty spur gears run in widely-spaced double bearings
  • Swathing or spreading

The wedge-shaped cutterbar offers many different setting options that allow you to make short cuts in meadows and pastures and higher cuts in long-stemmed forage crops. An ActiveMow mower delivers a reliable performance and clean cut.

The KRONE SafeCut-System
  • Full driveline protection
  • No collision with neighbouring cutting discs
  • Wear-free
  • Quick-change roll pins for minimum costs

You know it too well – foreign objects can cause great damage and costly repairs. ­KRONE SafeCut offers a maximum of protection and peace of mind. The system which comes as standard specification offers a unique level of disc protection and functionality.

Tractor attachment and drives
  • Tractor attachment with three-point headstock
  • Large travel range for superior performance in mountainous terrain
  • Direct and frictional driveline ensures no power is lost
  • Working a full width by refitting pin on the link arms

The side-mounted linkage is compact, low in weight and gives the mower large up/down travel. The ActiveMow mowers follow any ground contours and have proven absolutely well in mountain applications.

The ­KRONE mower relief
  • Coil springs provide the cutterbar suspension, optimise the ground pressure and ensure uniform cuts
  • The springs are conveniently adjusted by resetting pins
  • Extremely responsive for top contouring

Manually adjusted, the ActiveMow suspension springs rapidly adapt the ground pressure for the machine to produce perfect cuts in undulating terrain and at high work rates and as a result of this clean and high-quality forage as well as a fast and uniform re-growth.

Transport und parking position
  • 100° transport position for safe travel on public roads and clear view behind
  • Compact configuration for fast travel
  • Stored on stands and in vertical position for minimum storage space
  • Lower links are not raised during the headland turn

KRONE disc mowers offer a wide range of practical solutions that make your work easier andmore efficient. These include the 100° transport position for a uniform weight distribution and excellent visibility during transport and the optional vertical position for storage.


ActiveMow R 200 ActiveMow R 240 ActiveMow R 280 ActiveMow R 320
Working width (m) 2.05 2.44 2.83 3.22 configure
No. of discs 3 4 5 6 configure
No. of top hats 2 2 2 2 configure
Input power (kW/hp) 27 / 37 30 / 41 40 / 55 50 / 68 configure
configure configure configure configure

Rugged and easy use, tried and tested around the world

The ActiveMow disc mowers

KRONE Landmaschinen

KRONE Landmaschinen

KRONE Landmaschinen


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