General-purpose wagon – 44 or 52 m³


General-purpose wagons

KRONE GX: The all-rounder in the KRONE transport fleet hauls all kinds of crop and cargo. Farming is about logistics and flexibility is key for the success of your business. As an allround machine, the KRONE GX  general-purpose wagon ticks exactly this box. It was designed to a unique concept which allows you to haul nearly any type of agricultural cargo. The jack of all trades.

  • KRONE GX – jack of all trades: For general work all year round
  • The unloading principle: Chains pull a floor belt and the headboard to the rear for gentle and careful unloading of a wide variety of cargo
  • The load area: Light-weight and rugged with height-adjustable sides
  • KRONE single-piece frame: For reduced dead weight and boosted payload
  • Operation: Ease of use is the top priority. ISOBUS-compatibility and multiple auto functions provide maximum operator comfort
  • The underride guard: Swings hydraulically in and out of position for maximum convenience and safety
  • The double-function tailgate: The tailgate folds out of the way or swings up high, giving you maximum flexibility even when your machine has the discharge rollers
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Product video

KRONE GX universal trailer – jack-of-all-trades for any type of agricultural cargo

GX stands for general-purpose wagon, the most recent addition to the Krone forage wagon range. This wagon offers a new level of versatility and gentle and fast unloading of a wide variety of cargo. The new machine is available in two sizes – 44 m³ and 52 m³ – with two optional discharge rollers. The GX 440 rides on tandem axles and the GX 520 on a tridem unit, with both models featuring standard Isobus operation.

Special Feature


A world first – unique unloading control by length of the pit With ExactUnload, GX unloads its cargo automatically at rates that match the length of the pit. The operator sets the unloading rate infinitely variably for a course between 10 m and 100 m. ExactUnload controls the unloading rate actively to match the current forward speed of the tractor, helping you deliver the crop in accurate and reproduceable heaps. Laying out a nice blanket, the GX is particularly good at filling silage pits and controlled unloading routines in the field.

general-pupose wagons

For general work all year round

Maximum versatility translates into maximum productivity – the machine for year-round use

Product features

Manure and compost

Telescoping extensions make it so much easier to fill the machine with a wheeled loader or telehandler.


The GX unloads any type of agricultural cargo fast and thoroughly.

Seed bags and pallets

The double-function tailgate and the reversible floor drive make a powerful formula for efficient loading and unloading.


Powerful discharge rollers unload the material in a wide and uniform mat.

Whole crop silage

The articulated drawbar lowers the front end for easy filling from the forager.


The sealed body transports the smallest seeds without losses.


Unload grain conveniently and controlled through the standard- fit grain outlet, using the optional remote control.

Maize silage

The powerful floor drive empties the GX in no time so more time can be spent on compacting.


The floor belt comes into its own in sensible crops like potatoes where it cushions the impact as the tubers drop into the machine.

Grain maize

Operators appreciate the large inspection window when serving the forager.


You can lower the extensions for easier loading and reduce the drop heights.

Snow and straw

The GX doesn’t hibernate but continues earning its keep also in the winter months.

KRONE GX – the design

The headboard and moving floor form a powerful unit for gentle crop feeds

GX stands of ‘General’

As a general-purpose wagon, the GX is equally at home on the road and in the field. The running gear offers great ride comfort, good road stability and light running.

The drawbar
  • Up to 4 t tongue load from a slim and compact design
  • Two massive hydraulic cylinders move the drawbar in any position
  • Curved collision protectors protect the tractor tyre in tight turns
  • Standard suspension for convenient rides in fields and on roads

The hydraulic articulated drawbar makes the GX general-purpose wagon a smarter machine. This simple but very functional design eliminates a hydraulic stand for attachment to the tractor. As it can lower the front end, eliminates the headboard hatch and optimizes the filling process by raising the rear end. In extreme conditions, GX offers maximum ground clearance and variable tongue loads.

The load area
  • Huge capacity: 44 m³ to 52 m³ bodies (DIN 11741)
  • Single-frame concept for a lower dead weight and high payload
  • Lightweight and rugged body
  • See-through headboard for optimum visibility
  • Telescoping extensions as an option

The KRONE GX general-purpose wagon is a high-capacity machine that adapts flexibly to different applications. For example, the telescoping extensions easily vary the volume and adjust the loading height to the job at hand.

The rear
  • Two optional discharge rollers unload the material in a uniform mat
  • Discharge rollers protected through main drive shaft
  • A simple mechanism attaches the discharge rollers to the tailboard when not in use
  • Convenient changeovers without time-consuming removal

The double-function tailgate is another clever feature on the KRONE GX. After all, versatility is key for the GX. The two optional discharge rollers on the KRONE GX 440 and GX 520 models unload the material in a uniform mat for perfect rolling. The powerful and effective rollers are designed to handle the high unloading rate of the floor belt. When not in use, they simply swing up and out of the way.

The running gear
  • Hydraulic running gear for exceptional road stability
  • KRONE tandem axles for axle loads of up to 20 tonnes
  • KRONE tridem axles with lift axle and a 27/30 t axle load
  • Optional hydro-pneumatic suspension for smooth rides in uneven terrain and on bumpy tracks
  • Reliable brakes courtesy of accumulated brake cylinders that are sourced from commercial vehicles

Our hydraulic axle assemblies were specifically developed for our wagons and trailers. As such they offer exceptional road stability and best rides in extreme situations – which are essential and nearly indispensable qualities in today’s haulage business. Thanks to a unique axle configuration, the GX offers great stability and quiet running.

The brake

The GX 440 and GX 520 have a dual line air brake as a standard feature. The hydraulic ALB valve controls the braking power relative to the current load. Spring accumulated braking cylinders ensure the machine is parked up safely in any terrain.

Enhanced reliability

EBS is the optional electronic brake system, which comprises ALB, ABS and RSS functions. The roll stability system applies the brakes when it detects a risk of rollover, ensuring greatest stability when taking tight turns at speed. Combined, all these functions lead to an enhanced reliability

Ground clearance

As a general-purpose wagon, the GX is designed to also operate in extreme conditions. Therefore the braking unit sits on top of the axle where it is protected from dirt for reliable operation and maximum ground clearance.

Stability in the field and on the road

Ever bigger and faster tractors, ever higher trailer capacities and payloads call for a thorough rethink on road and field safety. Therefore KRONE offers the electronic braking system as an option. Sourced from the industrial sector, the system has proven exceptionally well for many years. In addition, intelligent steered axles help protect the ground and provide added safety.

Intelligent caster-steer axle

Caster steering is standard specification on the GX 440 models with tandem axles. The steering system can be locked hydraulically during shunting, clamping and in road work. The system is easy to use thanks to the automatic axle locking feature which kicks in when the machine reaches a preset speed or goes into reverse.

Hydraulic forced steering

The steering system on tandem and tridem axle models is attached to the tractor via a standardized ball hitch, a steering rod and a hydraulic master cylinder which controls the oil flow to and from the power steering ram.

Electronic forced steering

The speciality of this steering system is a processor which receives data from a steering angle sensor and connecting rod. The integral hydraulic system supplies the steering cylinder with oil, making GX a very nimble machine. As forward speed increases, operator interference decreases for added road safety. Yet in field mode, the operators can interfere in the steering, which is important on the slope or clamp or when shunting, for example.

ISOBUS Operation

The general-purpose wagon is conveniently operated from the standard-fit ISOBUS control unit. Its clear user interface offers intuitive operation and displays machine data and setup information. You can select your preferred view from configurable buttons. As it is our claim is to provide operators with an uncluttered and self-explanatory user interface and operator environment, the GX can be operated either from your tractor terminal or from an additional ISOBUS terminal – ideally one from the KRONE CCI family with either the 8-inch or 12-inch display screen showing machine data and the feeds from an optional rear-view camera side by side.

The remote control

Thanks to the optional radio remote control you can operate the GX remotely from the ground: open and close the tailgate or operate the floor/headboard unloading unit at variable speeds. Stay on top of things without a helper.

KRONE ExactUnload

NEW: A world first – unique unloading control by length of the pit With ExactUnload, GX unloads its cargo automatically at rates that match the length of the pit. The operator sets the unloading rate infinitely variably for a course between 10 m and 100 m. ExactUnload controls the unloading rate actively to match the current forward speed of the tractor, helping you deliver the crop in accurate and reproduceable heaps. Laying out a nice blanket, the GX is particularly good at filling silage pits and controlled unloading routines in the field.

Safety features
  • „ LED work lights for safe operation in the field and safe road travel
  • „ Excellent visibility at night
  • „ Standard position lamps for high visibility at night.
  • „ Add reflective strips for more safety
  • „ Hydraulic underride guard is a standard feature

Up to eight LED working lights, sidelights that are visible from far away, reflective strips and an optional camera with display screen are very useful additions that make work at night easier and safer. Together with the underride guard, this equipment provides a maximum of work and road safety.

External lights

Up to eight extra sidelights are available for the KRONE GX model as an option, illuminating the axle and the vicinity of the machine for safer and easier shunting and travel alongside the forager at night as well as for added safety on the clamp.

Underride guard

A hydraulic underride guard brings added safety on public roads. You can fold it up to make shunting alongside chasers and harvesters much easier. Besides, no crops can collect on the guard when it is out of the way. It folds automatically into road position as soon as the forward speed reaches 15 km/h.

Cameras are an option

The GX models are available with optional cameras, one feeding images from the interior of the machine and one serving as the reverse camera. The monitor has a switchable colour display screen that takes the hard work out of harvesting and makes it safer too.

Visible from afar / Mark out the contours

LED rear lights complete with indicator lights, reverse and brake lights plus additional LED lights at the top warn motorists ahead of a turn. Sidelights indicate the full size of the machine.


The KRONE Smart-Connect telemetric unit is an option for the GX. Offering GPS and Wi-Fi functionalities, it serves as an interface with the data management software. Telemetrics allow managers to track the wagon and record all major data and transmit them to the office. This is the modern way of farming.

Internal lights

Optional LED light bars can be installed inside the load space for optimized visibility. Indirect lights make filling the machine from a harvester more pleasant. They can be operated together with the tractor lights.

The electronic weighing system

The optional electronic weighing system uses sensor pins on the drawbar and on the tandem/tridem axle with hydraulic pressure compensation. The weight of the load is equivalent to the accumulated drawbar tongue load and axle load. The weight is recorded and evaluated by job and displayed on the display screen.

Reading the current load

The pressure gauges show the current payload by indicating the pressure inside the hydraulic cylinders on the articulated drawbar and in the running gear

Nothing is lost

Crop covers are an option for the KRONE general-purpose wagons. They secure the crop in swift road transport. The covers open and close hydraulically.


GX 440 GX 520
Designation general-purpose wagon general-purpose wagon configure
Capacity (m³) 44 52 configure
Power requirement (kW/hp) 88 / 120 110 / 150 configure
configure configure

The all-rounder in the KRONE transport fleet


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KRONE Landmaschinen

KRONE Landmaschinen


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