Rotary tedders

Rotary Tedders

Krone UK is a leading name in the agricultural machinery sector, has been at the forefront of innovation with its line of rotary tedders. These machines are not just any ordinary tedders; they are a testament to high-quality work and efficiency.

Making Hay with Rotary Tedders

Rotary tedders play a pivotal role in the hay-making process. Their primary function is to spread and turn forage, such as hay, to speed up the drying process. The faster the hay dries, the better its quality, ensuring that farmers get the best out of their crops.


Krone UK's rotary tedders are equipped with features that make them stand out. With working widths ranging from compact sizes to expansive stretches, our models cater to both small-scale farmers and large agricultural operations. The diverse models available ensure that there's a tedder for every need.

One of the standout features of these tedders is the new range of hardwearing tines. These tines, mounted on robust tine arms, ensure that the hay is spread evenly and efficiently. The rotors, which can vary in number depending on the model, play a crucial role in this process. Each rotor is equipped with multiple tines that throw the hay into the air, allowing it to spread out and dry faster.


Compact tedders are perfect for those with limited access to large fields or those who operate smaller tractors. On the other hand, tedders with a wider working width are ideal for extensive operations, ensuring that large swathes of crop are turned and dried in a single pass.

The machines are also designed with the user in mind. They are easy to operate, and their mounted nature enables them to be easily attached to a tractor. 

This feature not only ensures that the machine can be quickly set up for efficient operation, but also that it is spreading the crop evenly across the field.


When it comes to rotary tedders, Krone UK is a name to reckon with. Our commitment to producing high-quality agricultural machines that deliver exceptional results is evident in every tedder we produce. 

Whether you're looking for compact tedders, or those with expansive an working width and durable rotors, Krone UK has got you covered.


1. What is a rotary tedder?

A rotary tedder is an agricultural machine designed to spread and turn forage, such as hay, to expedite the drying process. It uses rotors equipped with tines to lift and aerate the hay, ensuring even drying and preserving the quality of the crop.

2. What is the best type of hay tedder?

The best type of hay tedder depends on individual needs. Compact tedders are suitable for smaller fields and tractors, while tedders with wider working widths are ideal for larger operations. Krone UK offers a range of high-quality tedders to cater to various requirements.

3. What is the difference between a hay rake and a tedder?

While both are used in haymaking, a hay rake gathers and collects hay into windrows for baling, whereas a tedder spreads and turns the hay to facilitate faster drying.

4. What is the best speed to tedder hay?

The optimal speed to tedder hay varies based on the condition of the hay and the specific machine being used. However, a general recommendation is to operate between 6 to 10 mph for efficiency and even spreading.


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