Rotary rakes

Rotary rakes

In the vast landscape of agricultural machinery, Krone UK has consistently emerged as a leader, especially with their line of rotary rakes. These rakes, designed with precision and efficiency in mind, are indispensable tools for farmers across the UK.

The Critical Role of Rotary Rakes in Enhancing Forage Quality

Rotary rakes are essential for the hay-making process. Their primary function is to gather and turn forage, such as hay, ensuring it's ready for the next steps, whether that's baling or further processing. 

The faster and more efficiently this is done, the better the quality of the forage, which is crucial for livestock feed.

Krone UK's rotary rakes come in various models, each designed to cater to different farming needs. 


Exploring the Versatility of Krone UK's Rotary Rake Models

From single-rotor rotary rakes like the Swadro S 380, perfect for smaller fields, to our twin, four rotor and six-rotor rake models, that offer maximum flexibility in operations, there's a rake for every requirement. 

These rakes are known for their large working width, allowing farmers to cover vast fields in minimal time.

One of the standout features of these rakes is their precise raking capability. Thanks to the meticulously designed tine arms, the rakes ensure minimal impurities in the gathered forage. 

This precision ensures that the forage remains clean, leading to better quality hay and silage.

Another notable feature is the central delivery system present in some models. This system ensures that the raked forage is deposited in the centre, making it easier for subsequent machines, like balers, to pick it up. 

The rakes also boast impressive working widths, ensuring that they cover large swathes of land efficiently.


Unmatched Control and Efficiency with Krone's Rotary Rakes

In terms of control, Krone UK's rotary rakes are unparalleled. Whether it's adjusting the swath width or the height of the rake, farmers have complete control over the machine's operations. 

This level of control, combined with the rakes' versatility, ensures that they can be used in various conditions, from wet meadows to dry, hilly terrains.

So when it comes to rotary rakes, Krone UK stands out as a beacon of quality and efficiency. Our range of rakes, designed with the farmer in mind, ensures that forage harvesting is not only faster but also of higher quality.


1. What is a rotary rake used for?

A rotary rake is an agricultural tool used to gather and turn forage, such as hay or silage. It ensures that the forage is evenly spread and dried, making it ready for baling or further processing.

2. Are single rotor rakes any good?

Absolutely! Single rotor rakes are perfect for smaller fields or specific conditions. They offer precision and can be easily manoeuvred, making them a favourite among many farmers.

3. What are the advantages of a rotary hay rake?

Rotary hay rakes offer several advantages, including faster raking, minimal impurities in the forage, and the ability to handle different terrains and conditions. They also provide better control over swath widths and are known for their versatility.

4. What is the difference between a Centre delivery rotary rake and a Side delivery rotary rake?

Centre delivery rotary rakes and side delivery rotary rakes are both essential tools in the agricultural sector, especially in haymaking. However, they have distinct designs and purposes:


Centre Delivery Rotary Rake:

Swath Placement: As the name suggests, a centre delivery rotary rake gathers the forage and places it in a central swath between the rake's rotors. This results in a single, consolidated windrow of hay or forage.

Design: These rakes typically have two rotors that work in tandem. As they rotate, they move the forage towards the centre, creating a central windrow.

Efficiency: Centre delivery rakes are especially efficient for larger fields as they can cover a wider working width and create fewer but larger windrows, which can be beneficial for subsequent baling or harvesting operations.

Subsequent Operations: The central windrow is ideally positioned for balers or forage harvesters to pick up, making the entire process more streamlined.

Side Delivery Rotary Rake:

Swath Placement: A side delivery rotary rake gathers the forage and places it to one side of the machine, creating a windrow on the left or right side, depending on the design.

Design: These rakes can have a single rotor or multiple rotors. The rotating tines pick up the forage and move it to the side as the machine progresses through the field.

Flexibility: Side delivery rakes offer flexibility in terms of where the windrow is placed, which can be beneficial in fields with obstacles or specific patterns of operation.

Subsequent Operations: The side-placed windrow might require additional adjustments or alignments, especially if multiple passes are made in a field. However, they are still easily accessible for balers and other machinery


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