Mower conditioner

Mower Conditioner

In the vast domain of agricultural equipment, where innovation meets tradition, the landscape of farming is continuously evolving. This sector is a testament to human ingenuity, constantly pushing the boundaries to enhance efficiency and sustainability in agriculture.



The Dual Role of Mower Conditioners

From powerful tractors to precision-driven tools, the world of agricultural machinery is ever-expanding, offering solutions tailored to the diverse needs of modern farmers.

Mower conditioners have emerged as a pivotal tool for farmers. These machines not only cut the grass but also condition it, ensuring it dries faster and is ready for baling or ensiling in a shorter time frame.

Unlike traditional mowers, mower conditioners play a dual role. They cut the grass and simultaneously condition it using either flails or rubber or steel rollers.

This mowing process helps in breaking the waxy outer layer of the grass, accelerating the drying process.


Why Opt for Mower Conditioners?

The primary advantage of using mower conditioners is the reduced drying time. Especially in regions where the weather can be unpredictable, having grass that dries faster can be a game-changer.

It ensures that the harvested forage retains its nutritional value and is less susceptible to spoilage.


Krone UK, a renowned name in the agricultural machinery sector, offers our new generation, high capacity BiG M 450 mower conditioner, designed for efficiency and durability.

It's equipped with advanced features that ensure a clean cut and effective conditioning every time.

The Future of Grass Harvesting

Mower conditioners from Krone UK come equipped with state-of-the-art features. The rotor plays a crucial role in ensuring the grass is cut cleanly, while the conditioning mechanism ensures the grass is ready for the next steps in the harvesting process.

With the increasing demand for efficiency in farming operations, a new generation mower conditioners are set to play an even more significant role in the future.

Their ability to ensure faster drying times and produce high-quality forage in our view, makes them an invaluable asset for modern farmers.

After-Sales and Parts Availability

Investing in a mower conditioner is just the beginning. Maintenance plays a pivotal role in ensuring longevity.

Krone UK offers a comprehensive range of parts, ensuring that your machinery remains in top condition. Should you ever need assistance, your nearest dealer is just a call away to you provide you with all the details you require.


1. What is a mower conditioner?

A mower conditioner is a specialised agricultural machine that not only mows the grass but also conditions it. Conditioning involves breaking the waxy outer layer of the grass, which helps it dry faster.

2. What Purpose Does a Mower Conditioner Serve?

For hay crop enthusiasts prioritising high quality, mower conditioners have become indispensable. This machinery is meticulously crafted to compress and break down freshly harvested hay, aiming to expedite uniform drying.

Mowers are generally categorised into three primary types: sickle bar, disc, and drum. The sickle bar mowers employ a back-and-forth blade for grass cutting and often feature a reel to bend the grass over the cutting edge.

On the other hand, disc mowers incorporate multiple hubs spanning the cutting breadth, with each hub boasting a rotating disc fitted with blades. Drum mowers are designed with two or three expansive plates, referred to as drums, that glide over the terrain while rotating.

When it comes to conditioners, they predominantly fall into three categories: rubber-roller, steel-roller, and flail. Our BiG M 450 can be configured to harness both rubber rollers or steel tines.

3. Do I need a mower conditioner?

If you're looking to reduce the drying time of your harvested forage and ensure it retains its nutritional value, a mower conditioner is a valuable addition to your farming equipment.

4. What is the difference between a disc mower and a mower conditioner?

A disc mower is primarily designed to cut the grass. In contrast, a mower conditioner cuts the grass and conditions it simultaneously, ensuring it dries faster.

5. How do mower conditioners enhance the quality of forage?

Mower conditioners help in breaking the waxy outer layer of the grass, allowing it to dry faster and retain its nutritional content. Faster drying also reduces the chances of spoilage.

6. Are mower conditioners suitable for all types of grass?

While mower conditioners are versatile, it's essential to choose a model that suits the specific type of grass and conditions of your farm.

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