Pelleting press

Pelleting Press

The agricultural industry has seen numerous innovations over the years, and one of the standout advancements is the introduction of the pelleting press. Krone UK, a leader in agricultural machinery, offers an innovative combination mobile pellet harvester and stationary mill designed to meet the diverse needs of farmers and industries alike.


The Essence of Pelleting

Pelleting is the process of compressing various materials into compact, cylindrical shapes known as pellets. These pellets can range from animal feed to biomass materials, offering a versatile solution for storage and transportation.


Krone UK's pelleting presses stand out in the market with numerous unique features. Whether you're looking to produce animal feed pellets or transform biomass materials into energy sources, our equipment ensures efficiency and quality in every pellet produced.

Animal Feed and Beyond

Pellet mills, also known as pellet machines, offer several advantages. They allow for the efficient use of raw materials, ensuring minimal waste. The production capacity of these machines is also commendable, ensuring that large volumes can be processed in a short time.

While many associate pellet mills with animal feed production, their applications are diverse. From producing pet food to converting straw into usable feed pellets, the possibilities are vast.

Biomass Materials and Sustainability

One of the standout features of Krone UK's pelleting press is its efficiency. From the feeder mechanism to the pressure applied in creating pellets, every aspect is designed for optimal performance.

With the increasing focus on sustainable energy sources, pellet mills play a crucial role. Biomass materials, when converted into pellets, offer a renewable energy source, reducing our reliance on fossil fuels.

Straw Pelleting Systems

Krone UK understands that every production requirement is unique. Hence, our pellet press is designed to cater to varied needs, from stationary pellet mills for large-scale production to mobile pellet harvesters for on-the-go operations.

Straw, often seen as a byproduct, can be transformed into valuable pellets. Krone UK's straw pelleting system ensures that this resource is not wasted, offering an additional revenue stream for farmers.

The Future of Pelleting

With advancements in technology and an increasing focus on sustainability, the future of pelleting looks promising. As industries seek efficient and sustainable solutions, pellet mills will continue to play a pivotal role.

Krone UK's commitment to quality and innovation is evident in their range of pellet presses. For those in the agricultural and industrial sectors, their equipment offers a reliable and efficient solution for pellet production.


1. What is a pelleting process?

The pelleting process involves compressing various materials into compact, cylindrical shapes known as pellets. This process allows for efficient storage, transportation, and utilisation of materials.

2. What is a pelleting mill?

 A pelleting mill, often referred to as a pellet machine, is equipment used to compress and shape materials into pellets. These machines are commonly used for producing animal feed, biomass pellets, and more.

3. Is a pellet insert worth it?

Yes, a pellet insert is worth it, especially for those looking to optimise the use of raw materials, reduce waste, and produce pellets efficiently for various applications.

4. What are some advantages to pelleting?

Pelleting offers several advantages, including efficient use of materials, easy storage and transportation of pellets, consistent quality, and the ability to transform waste materials into valuable products.

5. What machine is used to make pellets?

A pellet mill or pelleting press is used to make pellets. These machines compress and shape materials into cylindrical pellets suitable for various applications.

6. How does a pellet press work?

A pellet press works by compressing materials through a die using pressure. As the material is pushed through the die, it takes the shape of pellets, which are then cut to the desired length.

7. Can you make pellets from straw?

Yes, straw can be converted into pellets using specialised straw pelleting systems. These pellets can be used as a renewable energy source or for other applications.