Self-loading and forager-filled forage wagons – 43 bis 56 m³


Self-loading and forager-filled forage wagons

The key to viable farming is boosting efficiencies, cutting costs and utilizing equipment to full potential all year round. This is the scenario in which KRONE developed the ZX dual-purpose wagon. Dual-purpose means  these machines serve as both self-loading forage wagons with discharge rollers and forager-filled forage wagons in maize and grass.

  • The world's most powerful self-loading and harvester-filled forage wagon – thanks to the KRONE Powerbelt driveline with a transmission capacity of up to 400hp
  • Camless pick-up with hydraulic drive and electro-hydraulic suspension
  • Pivoting headboard increases capacity from a compact build
  • Pull-out blade cassette with 48 individually protected blades
  • Three standard discharge rollers on ZX GD models. Overload protection comes from a clutch in the main driveline.
  • Optional SpeedSharp blade grinder
  • Axles with hydraulic auto-levelling system
  • PowerLoad auto filling system with auto chain-and-slat floor control

Boosted precision from an innovative design

KRONE optimises the ZX cutting system

A brand-new innovation is the KRONE SplitCut – a system of two plates that are fitted between the outermost feeder stars and the body walls. These plates ensure that no uncut material flows over the rotor ends into the machine. The material flow is split as it passes the first knife and is fed over the tines back to the front where two deflector plates guide the crop to the middle of the rotor where it is cut and then fed into the machine.
Another asset of the new ZX cutting system is the gentle treatment of the material which is achieved by optimising the lengthy top plates on the feeding tines thereby increasing the total crop feed area by 50%. The results are an exemplary crop flow, a well-compacted crop load and an outstanding forage quality no matter the conditions.

Product video

KRONE ZX 430 | 470 | 560 (GL/GD) forage wagon

Product features


ZX – the versatile and dual-purpose forage wagon

  • Camless pick-up with hydraulic drive and electro-hydraulic suspension
  • The world's most powerful forage transport wagon – thanks to the ­KRONE Powerbelt driveline with a transmission capacity of up to 400hp
  • SplitCut provides for an optimum cut
  • Pull-out blade cassette with 48 individually protected blades
  • Optional SpeedSharp blade grinder
  • Pivoting front wall increases capacity from a compact build
  • Three standard discharge rollers on ZX GD models. Overload protection comes from a clutch in the main universal shaft.
  • Axle assembly with hydraulic auto-levelling system

Efficiency, comfort and reliability. In other words – ­KRONE ZX. Versatile double-purpose loading and forage transport wagon for maximum efficiency. The ­KRONE ZX combines maximum efficiency, achieved by high ZX with premium forage quality, achieved by state-of-the-art technology. A well thought-out machine concept results in clean and homogeneous forage.

ZX – The high-capacity range
  • Versatile
  • Efficient
  • Economical
  • Convenient

The key to viable farming is boosting efficiencies, cutting costs and utilizing equipment to full potential all year round. This is the scenario in which ­KRONE developed the ZX dual-purpose wagon. Dual-purpose means these machines serve as both loading and forage transport wagon in maize and grass.

The KRONE EasyFlow pick-up
  • Separate hydraulic drive
  • Maintenance-free and hard wearing
  • Automatic and manual speed control to adapt to the current ground speed
  • Consistent collection of the material by tines in a staggered W arrangement
  • Large pivoting range
  • Electrohydraulic suspension for even better sward protection.

The camless and hydraulic EasyFlow pick-up with tines arranged in a helix meets the mostexacting demands. Absolutely maintenance-free and a benchmarker in performance,this pick-up off ers an even larger work width now that its hydraulic drive has been integratedin the rotor.As a result, an increased pick-up width helps collect even more material at anoptimum ground speed, maximizing the overall intake capacity.

The KRONE cut-and-feed rotor
  • Unique KRONE Powerbelt – for efficient transmission of up to 400 hp
  • Large feeding width (191 cm) for maximum machine fills
  • Large 88 cm diameter rotor translates into a huge appetite
  • Excellent quality of cut thanks to wide feed tines with extra hard Hardox plates

The cut-and-feed rotor is powered by a 6-groove poly V-belt and planetary gears – a driveline concept that caters for the enormous horsepower of today's high-end tractors. Integrating the gearbox inside the rotor frees space to extend the rotor so work rates and throughputs can increase – a unique design that offers superb responsiveness in peak loads.

The KRONE cutting system
  • Top-quality and scissor-like cuts
  • Nominal chopping length: 37 mm chops by up to 48 blades
  • Automatic activation of 0, 24, 24, 48 blades
  • Blade replacement without tools, central locking

Cutting like a scissor – the secret of this system lies in the extremely narrow gap between thewide tine plates and the blades. 48 blades are available to give perfect cuts. The central bladeselection system quickly selects the desired number of blades and hence the length of cut.

Quick-change blades
  • Pull-out blade cassette
  • Blade replacement without tools, central locking
  • Controlled from one single lever on the left machine side

You change the blades without tools and without leaning over the blade cassette which isnow alongside the machine. lower the blade cassette, swing it out to the side and remove theblades without tools – a time and cost saving system.

KRONE SpeedSharp
  • Sharpens the blades conveniently and fast within minutes
  • Sharpens 24 blades in one operation
  • A 'cold' grind prevents annealing
  • Simple design, absolutely dependable
  • No sparks fl ying under the wagon

Sharp blades are fundamental for clean and smooth cuts. Therefore KRONE developedSpeedSharp, the unique blade sharpening system for fastest, safest and most convenientgrinds. The trademark of this system is its simplicity.

The pivoting headboard
  • Adds up to 4.5 m³ to the loading volume
  • Ensures fast and thorough unloading
  • Supports the chain-and-slat floor
  • Provides variable degrees of compression in loading application
The load area – The structure and the chain-and-slat floor
  • Conical frame and sides for easier unloading
  • „Double chain-and-slat fl oor with two separate motors
  • „Altra-durable and fl at-link chains
  • Auto fast mode is standard specifi cation

It takes high-end engineering that withstands the permanent exposure to huge masses ofmaterial and fast unloading processes. Two chain-and-slat fl oors, i.e. four fl at link chains andtwo motors and a conical design that tapers to the rear will always deliver.

ZX 430 GL · 470 GL · 560 GL – The models without discharge rollers
  • Versatile use – as self-loading and forager-filled forage wagons
  • Sturdy steel sides and hydraulic tailboard
  • Massive, up to 56 m³ capacities (DIN 11741)
  • Hydraulic headboard

Offering capacities of 43 m³ to 56 m³ (DIN 11741) in versatile applications and featuringsolid steel sides and no discharge rollers, the ZX dual-purpose 430 GL, 470 GL, and 560 GLmodels are our ‘contractor’ machines.

ZX 430 GD · 470 GD · 560 GD – Unloading without discharge rollers
  • 3 large-diameter discharge rollers (47 cm) are standard specification
  • Discharge rollers protected through main drive shaft
  • Stopping the bottom roller auto-stops the floor
  • Both bottom rollers spin at higher speeds for consistent unloading

The first step in producing quality silage is to spread the material in a perfect mat on the
clamp. The ZX GD models with steel sides and up to three large-diameter rollers at the rear
unload the material layer by layer and across the full length of the clamp for easier rolling.

The running gear – The tandem axle
  • Good road stability and safe ride at speeds of up to 60 km/h
  • Maximum stability on slopes, reduced risk of rollover
  • Uniform distribution of the machine weight on all wheels for reduced brake wear
  • Optional 30.5" tyres for less soil compaction
  • Steered axles protect the sward and reduce tyre wear
  • Optional hydro-pneumatic suspension for enhanced operator comfort

The caster and force-steered tandem axle offers hydraulic levelling to cater for allrequirements and needs. Each assembly offers maximum roll stability when managingbends at speed. More than that, they provide great stability on the slope. These axles offermaximum safety and operator comfort.

The running gear – Tridem axle
  • Tridem axle is standard on ZX 560 GL and ZX 560 GD
  • Up to 30 t axle load
  • Superior operator comfort, great stationary and on-the-move stability
  • Steered front and rear axle
  • Lift axle is standard specifi cation

The ZX 470 and ZX 560 models with tridem axles, bottom-mount ball hitches, a 34 t grossweight and 40 km/h or 60 km/h maximum speeds tick every box. The heavy-duty chassisfeatures hydro-pneumatic suspension and hydraulic levelling for superior stability.

The running gear – Brakes and steering
  • The optional electronic EBS brake system features
    • ALB auto load sensitive brake power control
    • ABS anti-lock brake system
    • RSS roll stability support
  • Caster steer, hydraulic / electronic forced steering, easy attachment

Ever bigger and faster tractors, ever higher trailer capacities and payloads call for a thoroughrethink on road and fi eld safety. Therefore KRONE off ers the EBS electronic braking system asan option. The system is sourced from commercial vehicles where it has proven well for manyyears. In addition, steered axles help protect the swath and provide added safety.

The running gear – Forced steering
  • Option on tandem axles, standard feature on tridem axles
  • Hydraulic or electro-hydraulic control as an option
  • Light and smooth ride, low tyre wear, perfect manoeuvring
  • Electronic steering allows operators to interfere by countersteering

Forced-steer wheels protect the sward and the tyres as the machine is making the turn,
reducing the load on the tandem or tridem axle and resulting in easier pulling.
The electronic system allows the operator to interfere with the shunting or countersteer
manually on the slope or on the clamp.

Tractor attachment
  • Bottom-mount drawbar with higher tongue loads
  • Drawbar suspension for quiet running
  • Hitch ball for high operator comfort

Increased gross weights have made bottom-hitching the most popular type tractor
attachment, because it transfers more load to the tractor’s front axle and gives the
four-wheel drive system more grunt.

The safety features
  • Powerful LED work lights for excellent visibility at night
  • Reflectors and front position lights for safe operation in the field and safe road travel
  • Crop covers prevent material is lost in transport

Night work is extremely fatiguing for forager and tractor operators and therefore KRONEoffers extra lighting for ZX models that brings maximum safety to all machines and operatorsinvolved in the campaign. Optional crop covers ensure no crop is lost during road transportand also increases road safety.

  • Convenient
  • Clear concept
  • Easy
  • CCI ISOBUS – one control box for all

Operator comfort is essential. Our shockproof operator terminals are compact, clear-cutand easy to operate. They feature backlit buttons to reduce operator fatigue during thoselong shifts well into the night. The CCI terminal is a universal operator control unit, which iscompatible with a wide variety of ISOBUS implements from many manufacturers.

The DS 500 Terminal

The compact DS 500 terminal has a 5.7-inch colour display screen can be operated with 12 function keys, the touchscreen or the scroll wheel on the back. An optional joystick is available for even more convenient operation.


ZX 430 GL
Designation loading and forage wagon configure
Capacity (m³) 43 configure
Pick-up working width (m) 2.12 configure
No. of discharge rollers - configure
Power requirement (kW/hp) 155 / 210 configure

Dual-purpose loading wagons with a transport volume of 43 to 56 m³


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KRONE Landmaschinen

KRONE Landmaschinen


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