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KRONE UK Dealer Awards 2021

Dealer of the year - Arwel Agri Services Ltd

Nominees - Compass Tractors  

                     Alan Mackay Agricultural Machinery Ltd

Judged on the dealer’s overall commitment to the Krone brand, product representation across the range, aftersales care, parts stocking, business development and growth.

'Arwels Agri Services, being a relatively new dealer, have embraced all aspects of the KRONE product and made it the number one franchise within their dealership. They support all aspects of training and are very good at parts support, looking after and promoting new and second-hand machines including Foragers and BiG Pack to cater for all customer requirements in the area. They value all customers and have sold machines from the smallest mower through to the BiG X 1180 with confidence of both dealer and customer.'

 New dealer of the year - G Marshall Tractors

Nominees - Adcock Agri

                      Startin Tractors Ltd

                      Alan Mackay Agricultural Machinery

Judged on the dealer’s overall commitment and performance to the Krone brand after their first full year of been a Krone dealer (Year based on a complete Krone financial year).

'G Marshall Tractors became a KRONE dealer during the first lockdown and have jumped into the deep end with a strong commitment to the full product range during their first year of trading. They have committed to all aspects of promoting the KRONE brand in line with the dealer charter and have also actively become involved in some product development work.'

Sales dealer of the year - Wardmans of Matlock

Nominees - Alistair Young Engineering

                      Moore Farm Services

                      Halse South West

Judged on the dealers commitment to stocking, following the KRONE UK sales process, level of product knowledge and level of business won across the full product range.

'Wardmans of Matlock are a long standing dealer for KRONE, who has made an excellent commitment to selling KRONE machines and built the park of machines in their area significantly by offering a no nonsense approach to business. This has seen them go from strength to strength making KRONE a key brand within their dealership.'

Service dealer of the year - Compass Tractors Ltd

Nominees - Arwel Agri Services

                     Carrs Billington Ltd

                     Alan Mackay Agricultural Machinery

Judged on the dealer’s commitment to Krone parts, out of season stocking ratios and parts promotion. Level of aftersales care provided and successful installation of new machines. Plus warranty turn around rate and a commitment to training over the last year and number of trained staff within the business.

'Compass Tractors Ltd are a dealer who is focused on the commercial product and sells several BiG X year on year along with BiG Pack and significant numbers of large mowers tedders and rakes hence supporting a significant park of machines build up over many years. They are committed fully to the aftersales requirements required to look after these machine, with a fully trained aftersales department, excellent warranty administration and a top levels of parts stocking and promotion.'

KRONE Ambassador of the year - Dale Shaw of Carrs Billington Ltd

Nominees - Arwel Evans of Arwel Agri Services

                     David Wardman of Wardmans of Matlock

                     Stephen Guthrie of John McNae Ltd

This is a new award for this year created to reward the merit of individual within the dealership and the name really says it all. It was a difficult award to judge as there are many people out there who are 110% committed to the KrRONE brand and go above and beyond to sell or support it over and above many others.

'Dale Shaw is an individual who has been passionate about KRONE ever since we started in the UK, he has played a significant role in developing the dealership in which he work to the extent that they have significantly increased there trading area including a branch which has KRONE as its number one brand. He has sold significant number of machines across the full product range and continues to promote and support our brand.