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"KRONE expands its four-rotor rake family by a new top model which clearly addresses professional farmers and contracting companies. Many of the Swadro TC 1570 features are sourced from the six-rotor TC 2000 in order to implement the 15.70m working width – the largest on the four-rotor market. this width calls for two gauge wheels that support the front rotor arms. these boast independent control for clearing out corners, for example. there are no significant changes to the rotors themselves except that they have been fortified to cope with the higher loads. On the whole, the TC 1570 boasts a comprehensive level of standard specification and multiple control options, and yes, it is heavy, too."

The Traction editorial team subjected the KRONE Swadro TC to an extensive field test and was able to work with the front mower last season.

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Test report KRONE Swadro TC 1570 Traction 5-2023