KRONE double win

KRONE double win

Are you still missing the right team line-up for this year's harvest to really clear the field?

Buy a selected KRONE round baler by 21. July 2024 and receive a limited edition KRONE football table! Experience not only first-class harvesting technology in the field, but also thrilling football matches with your team at home!

So funktioniert es:

  1. purchase a KRONE round baler from the promotional programme in the period from 29.6.2024 to 21.07.2024.
  2. your sales partner sends us a sales confirmation.
  3. the KRONE football table will be delivered to you by your dealer at the end of the campaign.
  4. TTerms & Conditions KRONE.

You can find your local sales partner here:

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This promotion applies to the following models:

  • As consistent as the best goalkeeper: Fixed chamber presses from KRONE
    Fortima F 1250 MC | Comprima F 125 XC | Comprima F 155 XC
  • Our flexible midfielders with variable bale chamber
    Fortima V 1500 MC | Comprima V 150 XC | Comprima V 180 XC
    VariPack 165 XC | VariPack 165 XC Plus | VariPack V 190 XC | VariPack 190 XC Plus
  • Our well-rehearsed striker duo: Press-wrap combination from KRONE
    Comprima CF 155 XC Plus | Comprima CV 150 XC Plus